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Grading, Swales, Berms, & Positive Drainage away from Foundations

Landscape Grading


Proper grading away from the foundation is very important to keep water from entering the basement and/or structural failures.  Clay soil should be used next to the foundation, graded at a slope of 5% and compacted well.  Do not use garden soils or soils rich in organic matter, as they will hold moisture keeping the foundation walls damp.   A gap should be at least 3 inches from the siding.

Proper grading is also important in the yard to direct water runoff away from the foundation.  Usually swales, berms, and sloping techniques are used to divert the water runoff to the sides and around the house when built.  Over time, homeowners and inexperienced contractors will disturb these waterways and the original plan is failed.  Re-establishing these waterways by grading is possible.

If proper slope cannot be achieved, it may be necessary to install a french drain away from and parallel to the foundation.  The french drain should be taken to a lower grade where water is no threat to the foundation.

We perform all types of residential grading: rough and final grading, berms, swales, sloping, fill in, excavating, drainage, and more.  We have the expertise and equipment to perform any residential grading job.  We welcome any size job from a townhouse backyard to large acre lots.

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